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We envision a society where people can better find the motivation, guiadance, and 

opportunities  transform their lives despite a completing a prison sentence.  We look to schowcase men and women who have returned to their communities with a plan and new mind set, and made amzing strides in pursuing their dreams.  We aim to use these success stories to motivate our young people and enlighten the public about the many productive though formerly incarcerated men and women who don't fit the stereo-typical image of an "ex-con."


Each year in the United States, nearly 700,000 individuals are released from prisons. Unfortunately, many are unprepared to lead productive lives, while some end up going back to prison (32% for violating Parole), forming the 42% that recidivate within 3 years of release in New York (62% nationally). Many of these formerly incarcerated individuals return to criminal behavior and are readmitted to prison or jail (“recidivate”) while two-thirds are rearrested and half return to prison within three years of their release.


These numbers are daunting because recidivism results in significant social and financial costs to society. Part of the underlying problem is that too many young people, affected by incarceration, are also tasked with overcoming negative stigma, poor preperation, and low self-esteem.  



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Despite the gloomy picture, research indicates that recidivism and its costs can be mitigated. 


FBIIB’s aim is to inspire returning citizens to develop a firmer emotional and psychological grounding that’s required to be successful and to enlighten the public about both current and potential examples of what it means to be truly success post-incarceration.


With a more informed public, policy reformers will have an easier time of getting the public’s support for better criminal justice and reentry policy.



EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Pascual “Shakoure Char” Carpenter, a NYC-based writer, media entrepreneur, and yes... founder of FBIIB.. After an unjust and high profile conviction as a teen, Shakoure began a long journey of introspection and education that provided him with the insight needed to embark on a path of transformative success. Beginning with a G.E.D., Shakoure continued to complete  a Master's Degree and several other certifications. His own nationally profiled story was best depicted in a 2013 documentary film, 23 Reasons.

DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION: Jayson Jimenez has specialized in production since 1994, acquiring a number of skills ranging from directing and producing to cinematography and editing. After completing a film degree at Hunter College, Jayson has worked on projects exclusively with Viacom, Goldman Sachs, Thomson-Reuters, Lifetime, A&E, Diversity Inc., Clear Channel, Getty Images, and many others. Most recently, Jayson has shifted much of his focus onto documentary filmmaking.




  • Julio Medina, M.Div., Exec. Director of Exodus Transitional Services

  • Dr. Carl Mazza, MSW Program Director-Lehman College

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