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Production House

plays an intricate role in the lives of young people. Helping them engage it from an empowering vantage point can be life changing for many.

This is why FBIIB has partnered with Transcendence Media to offer a NYC-based program we call the New-Gen Production House, a 12-Week workshop to train at-risk-youth (16 to 24) to envision, organize, film, edit, and publish compelling media content through HD video.


Our goal is to teach the students a fun and marketable skill, teamwork and responsibility, while allowing them to find inspiration from the transformation stories they produce for their projects.

Today's New Media

Our Curriculum

covers videography, editing, and publishing basics taught by staff and guest speakers from the filmmaking world.  Students will work in 3 teams of four, each Team shooting and producing a 2-3 minute video that features a formerly incarcerated success-story.


Each workshop will end with a Completion Party where certificates, employment, and internship opportunities will be awarded to graduates. In addition, successfully executed Team projects will be published as part of FBIIB’s Docu-Series, From Bars II Beyond, with full credit.


Lights... Camera... DONATE!

Youth Video Production2

Our 12-Week Curriculum covers all the basics from HD camera functionality. lighting, and sound to editing, rendering and publishing. Click here for a look at our course outline.

FBIIB-EIO Shoot 2-4-16

With your Donations, you can help keep the New-Gen Production House open for young people to explore, develop, and produce their visions for a better tomorrow.

Youth Production Workshop1

Are you a community org, legal office, or social services agency with young clients? Enroll some of them into an upcoming workshop! Complete our Student Enrollment Application HERE. Fees start as low as $980 per student for the12-Week program.

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Youth Production Curriculum
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